What do we know about the products we use?

All skincare products are made with ingredients listed on the package, the same way as food. If you look carefully you’ll find one or two ingredients with a murky history. Fortunately, the regulators have started to take notice. Over 1300 substances have been banned by the EU compared with just 11 in the US where the cosmetics industry are powerful lobbyists. The EU has 500 more chemicals under review.

Why should you care? The main cause of sensitive skin issues is the chemicals used in skincare formulas, mostly preservatives to prevent products going off and give them a longer shelf life. As well as creating skin problems, these harmful ingredients eventually find their way into our water system and endanger aquatic wildlife.

At Myego every ingredient that goes into making our products is researched thoroughly. Our craft comes with a huge burden of responsibility.

Myego Tento7 Face Wash for men

Let’s take face wash as an example. The first ingredient you’ll find is water or aqua. All you need is water and air for bacteria to form and ruin your cleanser. That’s why manufacturers add preservatives and other chemicals to make the product shelf-stable. Our Ten To 7 Face Wash uses a combination of natural preservatives and a clever airless component that won’t let air get to the product, allowing us to keep the product 99% natural and the botanical extracts fresh. We also produce small batches to make sure our products don’t sit around for long. And by leaving out any ingredient known to cause skin allergies, you can be sure your face is in good hands.

We are all responsible for the future of the planet and everything within. Take any cosmetic or skincare product that you use daily and find out what’s in it. As consumers, we have the power to influence what cosmetics companies do. By being better informed we can choose what to buy and what not to buy.