A Thorough

Mýego’s pursuit began 10 years ago with the idea to create a healthy, functional product that would be as powerful as the person using them. Our products are a symbol of this and the countless hours spent developing them.


The process from idea to production of just one product takes about 3 years and the highs and lows we experience during that time are just a reflection of the passion we invest. The final product doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time and patience, perseverance and most importantly belief. If you’re told something can’t be done you have to believe in yourself and do it anyway.

The process starts with a conversation. We write down all the things we expect from the product. The aroma and the skin benefits to the texture and how it should feel on the skin. Every intricate detail is considered and discussed. Designing everything from scratch allows us to be free with our thoughts and most importantly have no restrictions.



At this point we have the perfect product in our minds and on paper. We then enlist our team of Master-Formulators, the real craftsmen based in our UK labs to start making the formula.

We have a longing respect and passion for the strength found in natural materials so we search for the freshest wild botanical extracts that will actively benefit and improve your skin. We only ever blend a handful of natural ingredients to maintain clarity and pureness of our formula and use sizeable amounts for increased benefit.

Myego production process

Myego ideation

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During development each prototype takes up to 6 weeks to formulate. This is no easy task. Step by step and ingredient by ingredient making small measured adjustments, you suddenly hit on something you instinctively know is unbelievably good.

What we leave out is equally as important. We have a long list of ingredients we will never use in our formulas. These include anything from Parabens to synthetic fragrance which ensures the product is pure and free from chemical preservatives.

Once our Master-Formulators have perfected the formula we test our sample on 30 different men with ranging lifestyles and skin types. These gents review and scrutinise the product on everything, to how it makes the skin feel throughout their day to the intricate details like how it feels on their hands. All we can then do is wait for a month while the trial unfolds, eagerly awaiting their feedback.



Our obsession with detail is carried all the way through to the components we use. We work closely with our manufacturers and together we modify and improve them until we have our final component. All our liquids come in a uniquely designed air-lock system which gives you full control over how much product dispenses while an intelligent valve prevents contaminated air getting into the product. To also maximise freshness we produce our products in limited quantities, which allows us to reduce the amount of preservative needed.