Our Story

Mýego creates natural skincare for men that noticeably benefit your skin's health and enhances your look.

No toxins, no harsh chemicals, and no potential irritants.

How it started

Two brothers, one who suffered from sensitive skin the other with a big interest in health and well-being wanted to create a natural skincare range that improves skin's health and appearance... Mýego was born.

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Made For guys who want

Healthy looking skin

From skincare to enhancers we have all the products needed to get great looking skin, from day to night and back again.

Natural formulas

None of our products contain harsh preservatives like Parabens, SLS or Synthetic Fragrances, so your skin stays healthy and looking its best. 

No irritation

All this goodness means our products are perfect for guys who suffer from sensitive skin so you can be confident that your skin will stay irritation free.

products to rely on

1 out of 6 guys doesn’t use skincare products because of bad experiences with irritation, breakouts or sensitivity.

We’ve set out to solve these problems, so you can be confident doing your thing while looking your best.

Discover our products

Our Lab

Mýego’s clean formulas are meticulously made by our team of expert dermatologists in the United Kingdom.

They push the boundaries of natural skincare, using the most beneficial ingredients that will enhance your skin. The result is clean formulas with no toxins, no harsh chemicals, and no potential irritants.

We will never test our products or ingredients on animals.

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